E-YOOSO E-1010 USB 2.4G Wireless Gaming office Mouse 2400 DPI optical Game Mice ergonomic for laptop PC computer

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1,2.4Ghz operating frequency, transmission distance up to 10 meters

2, Using the original power-saving chip PAW3212, low power consumption with stable cursor.

3. Using USB transmission technology, polling rate up to 250Hz which is twice as fast as the transmission rate of ordinary mouse zero-lag and no frame skipping

4, High resolution, 5 level DPI: 800/1200/1600/2000/2400, with DPI gear indicatior, default 1200DPI

5, ultra-micro (Nano) receiver, plug and play

6. Compatibility Available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Product installation

1. Take the wireless mouse and receiver out of the box.

2, Insert the ultra-micro (Nano) receiver into the USB port of the host

3, Load the 1 PCS AA alkaline dry battery into the mouse according to the correct polarity

4, After the LED lights of DPI shines, you can use the wireless mouse

Advanced functions

1, DPl adjustment function 5 level DPI,800/1200/1600/2000/2400. Default1200DP.fyou want to switch between different speeds, press the DPI key.available to switch between the five gears till you like. Duringthe switching process, the LED indicator will flash once for 800DPl twice for 1200DPI. three times for 1600DPI, four times for 2000DPI and five times for 2400DPI

2. Polling rate adjustment function The mouse has an polling rate of 125Hz/250Hz, default 125Hz Press the right button and the middle button for 3 seconds to switch, during the process, it will flash 5 times slowly for the 125HzLED and 5 times quickly for the 250HZLED

3, Auto Sleep and Smart Shutdown The mouse will sleep in eight minutes if there is no operation to save energy. You can wake it up by clicking any mouse button, Or you can also enter this mode by pressing a button or moving the mouse when you turn off the computer or unplug the recever, Friendly Tips: please take out the battery when you do not use the mouse for a long time, so as not to corrode the machine parts The Backward button The Forward button

4. Receiver collection function This mouse uses an ultra-micro(Nano) receiver, which can be placed within the USB port of the PC or Notebook in a long term without any effect on the computer. If you want to carry out the mouse alone or collect it, you can put the receiver inside the mouse for storage. Easy to carry outside and avoid missing

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